Hello! ☺️


I am Martje Rullens, born and raised in Ghent (Belgium) and currently living in Rotterdam (Netherlands).
I moved here in 2018 because of my studies, I’m an illustration student at the Willem de Kooning Academy.
My mind is never not creating, I also have a very broad field of interest.
To me life is exciting when I can make and learn new things, and share my knowledge with others.
Besides making images I also have a big passion for education and morality.


I work as a freelancer.

All of the illustrations I make are available as prints. I am currently working on developing more products.
I’m open for any commissions (personalized design, murals, collaborations,… anything!).

I also give creative workshops in collaboration with schools on the topics:

  • Illustration (How to make images)
  • Streetart (stickers, stencils, graffiti, paste up,…)
  • Visual story telling

In case you are looking for a creative workshop regards another topic please feel free to ask.
I offer workshops both in English and Dutch.

I’m also active as street art guide in Rotterdam for Rewriters010.


My illustrations are based on my own experiences. I get inspiration from my surroundings and my feelings and thoughts. I love working with bright colours and strong contrast. My favorite mediums at the moment are markers and fine liners, but I also like variety. Besides working on paper I also love working on bigger scale, specially on walls. Another element that’s essential for my work is my absurd sense of humor and my critical view on the world.